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1. The school does not have any management quota.

2. From classes I to VIII, candidate’s admission will be granted on the basis of availability of seats in the respective classes. !

3. Verification of details filled in the forms will be done by the school authorities and admissions will be given after the verification procedure.

4. In classes IX & XI, admission is granted on the basis of the performance in the previous class and the written test , conducted in the school.

5. The school authority reserves the right to short- list the candidates, after written tests and interviews. ! The result will be available from the school office only .

6. Incomplete forms will be rejected during the short-listing of the candidates.

7. 25% of seats are reserved for BPL students, which may be filled in, after the due permission of DEO, if seats are vacant.

8. In classes X and XII, admissions are not granted for local students as a matter of policy. However it can be granted only in the cases of parents transfer from one place to another place.


1. The under stated documents are required in direct admission cases and these must be duly attested by the principal of the school.

1. School Leaving Certificate / Transfer Certificate signed by the Head of the Institution last attended and duly counter-signed by the concerned Board.

2. Report Card / Progress Report issued by the Institution last attended.

3. Document(s) in support of passing the qualifying examination or equivalent qualifying examination.

4. CBSE Registration Card, duly certified by principal if already registered.

5. Documentary evidence in support of ground which compels the student to change the school e.g. Transfer Order of Parent(s). Affidavit for shifting of family from one place to another etc.

6. Admission form filled by the Student / Parents in the school where direct admission is being sought.

7. Residential proof : Voter ID / Telephone Bill / Electricity Bill / Rent Agreement / etc.

8. Application request of the student/parent seeking direct admission.

9. Recommendation of the Head of the Institution.

10. Duly filled in format (copy enclosed).

2. Entrance Test will be conducted on the syllabus of previous classes in the subjects Maths, English & Hindi.

3. The T.C. will be forwarded to the Board, after the countersignature of the Manager / Secretary/Member of the School Management Committee / Principal of this school.

4. After signature, the school will mention that “verified from cbse.nic.in/source.” The source of verification can be the previous school’s website & cbse website. The name of previous school where the child was studying must be in the list of affiliated schools of CBSE and not in the list of disaffiliated schools. The date of verification will also be mentioned by the checker of the school where admission is being sought.

5. Direct Admission in classes X & XII will not be given to the students seeking admission from within / same city & can be given only to students, coming from another city, on the basis of shifting / transfer of parents.

6. After clearing the entrance test of school the child needs to submit the above written documents.

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